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What is StrongVault Online Backup and Why Should I Care?

What is StrongVault Online Backup?

StrongVault Online Backup is a file backup utility from Stronghold.com. It is offered as the free version of a premium file backup service and claims to offer file storage and backup solutions to businesses. The free installer comes with ‘strings’ attached, and downloading the free version to your system may open doors to a plethora of potentially unwanted programs infecting the PC. The malware may seriously affect your PC performance and may even issue fake virus alerts and system crash warnings on your computer. The malware will prompt you to install a paid version of yet another program to remove the viruses highlighted in your system.

An unsuspecting person is lured to pay for the premium anti-virus programs. To make those warnings appear more real, the malware also causes changes to your registry, lead to problems in system reboot.

So, what is StrongVault Online Backup, really?

StrongVault Online Backup itself is not adware and offers a number of useful features to users. The file backup utility allows users to backup their data in cloud storage facilities offered by the service. In times, such as system or hard drive crash, it is relatively easier to restore information and salvage data.

However, distribution method of the free version of this application is somewhat tricky and deceptive. The free installer may accompany a hoard of infectious programs and malware. StrongVault Online Backup utility may also find its way to a PC in an installer used to download another program. When users find the program on their PC, they consider it a virus because they didn’t actually download it to their system.

What is StrongVault Online Backup and How to Remove it?

If you have not installed the program to your PC, there is no need to worry. Also, if you are not using the free installer version of the program, you can continue using the online backup service. However, if you have installed StrongVault Online Backup through the free installer on your system, you may consider removing it from the PC.

The good news is that you can easily remove the program from your system. While the Windows file remove utility works well to remove the installed program, you may need other resources to ensure your system is safe of malware and viruses.

The exact method of removing StrongVault Online Backup from your system depends on the version of Windows you use. Access the file removal tool on your Windows computer and look for name of the software in the list of programs shown. Click the “Remove” button to get rid of the program from your computer.

Finally, you want to make sure that your computer is safe of viruses and other unwanted programs. You may need a third-party antivirus and malware removal programs for this. Simply access your preferred system security programs and scan your system to ensure that it hasn’t been infected with any kind of suspicious files.

For more information on the software program, you can also search online resources, such as Google using keywords like “what is strongvault online backup” as the search terms.

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