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Individuals with large amounts of information to back up will find My PC Backup to be the ideal choice. The company offers a personal unlimited plan at an affordable price. With the unlimited plan, people can back up every photo, video, document and other file while paying a flat fee. Unlimited storage space has commonly been offered to businesses. However, individuals looking for the same option may find it more difficult. One My PC Backup review said that you may try the 75 GB or 250 GB storage plan if your storage demands are smaller.

Easy Accessibility

My PC Backup provides mobile apps available for the Blackberry, Android, Apple and Kindle devices. You can use these apps free and view, upload and share files. In addition, My PC Backup has more advanced features that include:

Write Notes

Voice Memos

Draw Doodles

Numerous mypcbackup reviews have said that users can use this storage option on all major platforms. As long as you have access to an Internet connection, you can access your files from all devices.

Quick Backup

Dragging and dropping the desired documents onto the control panel has never been easier. In addition, the backup begins automatically and gets updated daily, which means new changes always get saved. People who want their information backed up more often can change the backup schedule through the settings. You can select hourly backups or specific days to operate the software. Changes made to documents get saved instantly. While it may take some time uploading your files, the following backups occur more quickly because it is not saving everything.

Who Can Use This Software?

People who do not have time to research online storage solutions will love the convenience. Many mypcbackup reviews have said that the company provides intuitive controls and an easy three-step process. All you have to do is sign up, download and transfer the files to their servers.

The Drawbacks

Many mypcbackup reviews have said that the software gives users three choices for storage plans. However, users who want to back up a few important files will not have access. One My PC Backup review stated that the company does not offer a free plan. People who want a free plan will do better with Google Drive because they provide 15 GB of storage space for free. However, if you want to back up your whole hard drive, the plans from My PC Backup give you a large level of storage space at competitive pricing.

In addition, a basic plan only allows you to back up a single computer. If you want to back up multiple computers, you have to buy extra licenses. While multiple mypcbackup reviews have pointed out that this is not the only business imposing this restriction, users can still find other companies that do not restrict their customers.

When you compare this software to other cloud storage, such as Crashplan, it is much faster. One My PC Backup review said they transferred 10 GB of files in less than four hours. Computer crashes can delete documents and photos that will be gone forever. My PC Backup was designed to address this problem. Overall, every My PC Backup review has been good, but it does have certain drawbacks.

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