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Individuals with large amounts of information to back up will find My PC Backup to be the ideal choice. The company offers a personal unlimited plan at an affordable price. With the unlimited plan, people can back up every photo, video, document and other file while paying a flat fee. Unlimited storage space has commonly been offered to businesses. However, individuals looking for the same option may find it more difficult. One My PC Backup review said that you may try the 75 GB or 250 GB storage plan if your storage demands are smaller.

Easy Accessibility

My PC Backup provides mobile apps available for the Blackberry, Android, Apple and Kindle devices. You can use these apps free and view, upload and share files. In addition, My PC Backup has more advanced features that include:

Write Notes

Voice Memos

Draw Doodles

Numerous mypcbackup reviews have said that users can use this storage option on all major platforms. As long as you have access to an Internet connection, you can access your files from all devices.

Quick Backup

Dragging and dropping the desired documents onto the control panel has never been easier. In addition, the backup begins automatically and gets updated daily, which means new changes always get saved. People who want their information backed up more often can change the backup schedule through the settings. You can select hourly backups or specific days to operate the software. Changes made to documents get saved instantly. While it may take some time uploading your files, the following backups occur more quickly because it is not saving everything.

Who Can Use This Software?

People who do not have time to research online storage solutions will love the convenience. Many mypcbackup reviews have said that the company provides intuitive controls and an easy three-step process. All you have to do is sign up, download and transfer the files to their servers.

The Drawbacks

Many mypcbackup reviews have said that the software gives users three choices for storage plans. However, users who want to back up a few important files will not have access. One My PC Backup review stated that the company does not offer a free plan. People who want a free plan will do better with Google Drive because they provide 15 GB of storage space for free. However, if you want to back up your whole hard drive, the plans from My PC Backup give you a large level of storage space at competitive pricing.

In addition, a basic plan only allows you to back up a single computer. If you want to back up multiple computers, you have to buy extra licenses. While multiple mypcbackup reviews have pointed out that this is not the only business imposing this restriction, users can still find other companies that do not restrict their customers.

When you compare this software to other cloud storage, such as Crashplan, it is much faster. One My PC Backup review said they transferred 10 GB of files in less than four hours. Computer crashes can delete documents and photos that will be gone forever. My PC Backup was designed to address this problem. Overall, every My PC Backup review has been good, but it does have certain drawbacks.

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Online Backup


What is StrongVault Online Backup and Why Should I Care?

What is StrongVault Online Backup?

StrongVault Online Backup is a file backup utility from Stronghold.com. It is offered as the free version of a premium file backup service and claims to offer file storage and backup solutions to businesses. The free installer comes with ‘strings’ attached, and downloading the free version to your system may open doors to a plethora of potentially unwanted programs infecting the PC. The malware may seriously affect your PC performance and may even issue fake virus alerts and system crash warnings on your computer. The malware will prompt you to install a paid version of yet another program to remove the viruses highlighted in your system.

An unsuspecting person is lured to pay for the premium anti-virus programs. To make those warnings appear more real, the malware also causes changes to your registry, lead to problems in system reboot.

So, what is StrongVault Online Backup, really?

StrongVault Online Backup itself is not adware and offers a number of useful features to users. The file backup utility allows users to backup their data in cloud storage facilities offered by the service. In times, such as system or hard drive crash, it is relatively easier to restore information and salvage data.

However, distribution method of the free version of this application is somewhat tricky and deceptive. The free installer may accompany a hoard of infectious programs and malware. StrongVault Online Backup utility may also find its way to a PC in an installer used to download another program. When users find the program on their PC, they consider it a virus because they didn’t actually download it to their system.

What is StrongVault Online Backup and How to Remove it?

If you have not installed the program to your PC, there is no need to worry. Also, if you are not using the free installer version of the program, you can continue using the online backup service. However, if you have installed StrongVault Online Backup through the free installer on your system, you may consider removing it from the PC.

The good news is that you can easily remove the program from your system. While the Windows file remove utility works well to remove the installed program, you may need other resources to ensure your system is safe of malware and viruses.

The exact method of removing StrongVault Online Backup from your system depends on the version of Windows you use. Access the file removal tool on your Windows computer and look for name of the software in the list of programs shown. Click the “Remove” button to get rid of the program from your computer.

Finally, you want to make sure that your computer is safe of viruses and other unwanted programs. You may need a third-party antivirus and malware removal programs for this. Simply access your preferred system security programs and scan your system to ensure that it hasn’t been infected with any kind of suspicious files.

For more information on the software program, you can also search online resources, such as Google using keywords like “what is strongvault online backup” as the search terms.

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Cloud Storage


Best Personal Cloud Storage – Cloud Backup Reviews

Many companies are in the market for the best personal cloud storage, but they are unsure of which are the best for their applications. This is why cloud backup reviews are important. The reviews can provide information to readers that they would not otherwise find out from a direct review. Let’s take a look at how the different cloud storage solutions and cloud backup reviews can serve your needs.

Just Cloud Online Backup

Just Cloud storage is one of the best online storage providers in the industry. They are known for providing services with good reliability and up-time ratings. The company is fairly new to the industry, but they have made quite a statement. If you want to learn more about how the company compares to its competitors, read some of the Just Cloud reviews and determine how Just Cloud can help your company prepare for disaster and remain organized.

StrongVault Online Backup

StrongVault online backup is one of the best online storage companies in the industry. It is one of the best in the industry because of its affordability and scalability. StrongVault online backup is known for its customer service and reliability also StrongVault backup is a service that should be considered for your growing company.

StrongVault online backup is secure. So, it can be used in offices where sensitive information is passed. While there are some complaints about system crashes in the reviews, most of the reviews are positive. The best part is that StrongVault backup often is used in conjunction with other software installation.

MyPCBackup Online Backup

MyPCBackup reviews offer some of the best information about MyPCBackup online. The software is intuitive and user-friendly. Most people with just moderate or basic technical skills will have no problems backing up their files with MyPCBackup according to MyPCBackup reviews.

The product is only available for PC users, but MyPCBackup offers many services that will make having a PC over a Mac worthwhile. Some of the services include unlimited storage, file sharing and syncing, encrypted and secure, and extremely easy to use. Customer service is also stellar according to MyPCBackup reviews. Always read multiple MyPCBackup reviews to have the most insight.

Find the Best Personal Cloud Storage to Meet Your Needs

The best personal cloud storage does not have to be elusive. That’s why we have cloud backup reviews to help you make a selection. Read several cloud backup reviews to help you make a decision about your cloud storage needs. You’ll feel relieved when you read what other business owners think about the best personal cloud storage solutions listed. Contact a local representative when you have confidence to select the solution you want. The process may be longer with research, but it’s worth the effort when you reduce the number of problems you may have in the future.

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Online Backup

The Facts – SOS Online Backup Reseller Review

SOS online backup has much to offer its customers including great features, ease of use, and customer support. This is one of the best online storage solutions on the market because of its affordability, security, and ease of use. This SOS online backup review can tell you about the latest SOS backup services. Here are some of the highlights of this SOS online backup review and other services offered by SOS.

Pros of SOS Backup

• Numerous Recovery Options

• Smart Compression System

• Unlimited Versioning

• Secure and Encrypted Software

• Capable of Synchronizing Multiple Computers

• Ability to Backup an Unlimited Number of PCs

• SOS Backup App

• Excellent Security

• Great Customer Support

Cons of SOS Backup

• May Have a Bigger Learning Curve Than Others

• Slow to Introduce Support for Mac Computers

Why It’s Necessary to Have a SOS Online Backup Review

Having a SOS online backup review and a SOS online backup reseller review can be helpful if you’re new in the market to online backup services. It’s more helpful to hear how past and current customers have used online backup. They can share what they think about the services. This is why a SOS online back review or a SOS online backup reseller review is necessary.


In summary, SOS backup is one of the best online backup services in the industry. Just take a look at a SOS online backup reseller review, and you’ll see all of the features and benefits that the service has to offer.

You can select the files you want to backup and can have even more control over the files that you send to the cloud. Additionally, the service can be paired with Windows OS. It’s so simple to use that files can be selected with a simple right click. This method of file storage is easy and convenient.

It also allows you to separate them into a variety of categories, which makes them easy to find. This is just one feature that’s beneficial to companies.

SOS online backup is scalable. You don’t have to predict in advance how many copies you’ll need. Instead, you can sign up for them as needed.

Another unique feature is the security. The security feature will protect and monitor your data. SOS online backup provides 24-hour support. The company has live support operators may be reached online via a live chat interface.

SOS online backup has both a business and home version of their online cloud storage. They can provide up to 10 GB of storage and sometimes more. There are also 250 GB plans, but these types of plans will require a special quote.

Read a SOS online backup reseller review to supplement this review and discover more information. The more reviews you read, the more insight you’ll have.

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Just Cloud Reviews And Tips

Just Cloud is a leading storage provider that is relatively new in the industry. Many IT specialists are pleased with the way this new technology can be used in their organizations. In fact, all types of data can be stored in this third-party storage facility. Whether you need to have a plan for disaster recovery or you need some extra space outside of your facility, our company has a plan for you. Learn more about the pros and cons of this service through our Just Cloud review:

Pros of Just Cloud

• Free Trial Period

• Low Price for Unlimited Storage

• Better Reliability Than Other Providers

• Files are Secured and Encrypted

• 100 Percent Automated

• Online Control Panel

• Technical Support Available 24/7

• Will Connect to All Operating Systems

• Provides the Ability to Share Data With Friends or Employees

• Share Files Through Social Media Platform

• User-Friendly Interface

• Easily Restore Files to the Computer

Cons of Just Cloud

• No Telephone Support

• Customers Need to Purchase Add-Ons to Enhance the Services

Why JustCloud Reviews Are Necessary

Online file storage providers are new on the scene and not many people are that trusting of their services. Consumers are more trusting of other consumers who provide reviews than experts who provide them. That’s why it’s important to hear from a third-party source how the service has served them. This is the primary reason why JustCloud reviews. You may want to read another Just Cloud review or several JustCloud reviews for comparison.


After reading this Just Cloud review, you’ll understand more about how the product can benefit you in your enterprise. There is so much information that can be gathered from JustCloud reviews that you simply can’t read one.

In summary, the services are recommended. It supports multiple devices and multiple operating systems. It is easy to share files through a social media platform or via a link. The operating panel is user-friendly and even technophobes can easily operate it. You can easily restore files to your computer. The Just Cloud plan is affordable and can make your organization more efficient.

Read this Just Cloud review and at least one more to get a comprehensive view of the services. Overall, they are recommended because of the flexibility and scalability that they offer to their customers. Most people are impressed with the services and even feel that the customer service is stellar despite the fact that they don’t offer customer support via the phone. For a new company, they’ve made quite a first impression on the community.

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